Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do-it-yourself: Artificial Indoor Plant Decor

If you love the green look but you are someone who forgets to water plants, maybe plants are not for you. Bringing artificial greenery to our space is your best bet. On one of Candice's Divine Design episode I noticed she used 3 square white vases for a kitchen redesign project. I didn't like the artificial plants she used, they looked like plastic grass.  I decided to do something similar. The great thing about making your own plant decoration is that you get to pick the artificial plants yourself so try to pick the ones that look the most real. This is a simple idea that brings such a rich accent to your home. It is stylish, modern and super fast to do.

Vase (I chose 2 square vases)
X-acto knife
Artificial moss
Artificial foliage
Foam block (choose one big enough for your vase.)
Directions: Cut the foam according to your vase. Once cut, stick the artificial plant wires into the foam block base. Create the fullness you want and start spreading them apart until you find the look you want. Place the finished foam in your vase. Cover the foam block with artificial moss and you are done! Wasn't that super easy?

Moss on top should look something like this:

Total cost: $14  

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