Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Designing a Modern Boy's Nursery

Designing a baby boys room might sound complicated,but I will show you that with a little creativity and some online shopping you can achieve something sleek and modern. It's an easy process that you separate in 3 parts 1. color scheme 2. furniture 3. accessories.

First, I decided that the colors needed to be bright, peaceful and lots of fun so I chose ocean light blue, blue and lime green. I decided to have horizontal lines across the accent wall which created a fun and inventive environment.  The painting was the easy part, after that comes the fun...shopping.  I must admit that it took longer than I thought since I decided to go with mostly organic furniture which is harder to find. I decided to mainly go with White furniture to give a clean crisp look. I chose a sleek modern crib and dresser in the Ouef Classic. The glider I searched the longest for. Everything that I saw was boxy, old fashioned and made of fabrics I did not like. I ended up customizing an EQ3 Karbon chair in white leather, which is very easy to clean. The side table was very mod and white and I really liked the shape. For a light fixture I fell in love with the Le Klint pendant and it became one of the biggest focal points in the nursery. I finished up the furniture with colored floor tiles by FLOR and customized toy boxes by VIA.
After the furniture arrived everything, it was time to personalize and really make this a unique nursery.  First I created a new friend for my son...he is a friendly robot and he would be found all over the nursery.  I designed three fun scenes with the robot, printed them and framed them on white frames. I made a special alphabet art painting on canvas painted by his own mommy, I sewed him a robot pillow which I created from felt and fabric and a robot plushie out of fleece.  I also made a crib skirt and cornice of the same blue fabric and white stripe I used for the pillow and carried it throughout the room to tie everything together. There was a hideous old Air Conditioner unit on the wall that we could not remove, so I sewed a cover for it that looks like a cloud. To tie this in with the rest of the room and the blue color I decided to add more clouds to the theme. First I got different sized cloud decals from Dali Decals and to top it all off, I had a local carpenter create a special cloud shelf for me.
I then rounded out the room with a cute green lamp so I can read to my son while in the glider. I also purchased an IPOD Nano to download all of his favorite songs to and got the awesome I-Boo to use as Ipod speakers. I installed a white shelf over the cloud/AC Unit which I placed some pictures and wood toys on. Then I loaded his toy boxes and cloud shelf up with tons of stuffed animals and toys.

I think my favorite pieces in the nursery are the Alphabet Art/Robot items I created especially for my son, the cloud shelf and the Le Klint Pendant which is just so cool.
I hope you have enjoyed this posting and it can inspire you to do something special for your child.

Le Klint pendant 
Oeuf Classic Crib
Oeuf Classic Dresser
EQ3 Karbon Chair (swivel/glider)
VIA toy boxes 
Jonathan Adler bookends 
bla bla kids Mobile 
Wood Cloud shelf by Jeff the carpenter
Floor by Flor Tiles
Clock - Pilot design
Cornice -Made by me
Robot Pillow - Made by me
AC cover - Made by me
Alphabet Robot Painting - Made by me
Stuffed Robot - Made by me
Robot Frames - Made by me

Any questions feel free to contact me. 


  1. The whole setting is beautifully done. The color blending and the crafty touches, just dreamy specially for a little boy like yours. He is got something colorful to look at as he opens his eyes till he falls asleep. What a crafty mom you have become, what i love the most is the robot theme you've picked, it stands out even better than the regular boring teddy bears or beany plushes, thumbs up to that idea! Keep up creating and designing.

  2. Great style, fun colors and all those personalized touches! Your little boy is so lucky to have such an amazing room. I love the pendant, too. So cool!