Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to make a Bowtie from a tie:

Hello everyone,

If you have a baby boy like I do. You have probably noticed that there are not many cool accessories online for infant/toddler boys.  I was looking for an dressier silky bowtie but the ones I found were not dressy enough. Once again I found myself doing a new project. It is the most simple thing to do so give it a try!

Here we go...You will need a tie, thread that best fits your tie and a metal bowtie clip.
When you dissect your tie you will end up with a white strip in the shape of your tie, make sure you save a small piece before you decide to throw it away.
1. I cut a rectangle from the tie as picture above

2. Turn it inside out, pin it and sew the edges together. 

3. Pinch your bowtie just the way you see it above. Have your thread and needle ready to sew right through for support  2 or 3 times so you know it won't move and wrap your thread around for extra support. 

4. Should look something like this...

5. Cut a smaller piece of the tie for the middle part ( I used 3/4 of an inch for the width) and also I cut a small piece of the white part of the tie. Now is time to use it as an insert for the middle so your middle part of the tie won't have any indents. 

6.  Sew it by hand and don't go through fabric that will be showing on front. 

7.  Wrap it around and sew the ends together. 

What a beautiful bowtie, I must say. Hopefully my little prince will keep it on.

FYI: Bow tie Clips are available at amazon. 

Update: The bowtie stayed on!

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