Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to make a laundry bag out of leftover fleece or fabric:

Hello guys, 

Did I tell you I started to sew? Well when I first started sewing, I didn't know how to order fabric so on my first visit to the fabric store I ended up with so much extra fabric. Today, I finally decided to put the fabric in good use. 

I've been wanting to get a hamper for my baby's room but I really did not want to buy one of those bulky hampers that take over closet so I decided to make one. Its an extra large bag out of fleece with padded handles so it's easy on my hands when I carry it. A bag works so much better for me since I have small closet space. I hang the bag on the closet door knob, next to the changing station so it's easier for me to throw the dirty clothes in while I'm changing my son with his crazy kicking legs. Another good reason to have a laundry bag is because it's easier to put away when guests are over. It is pretty easy to make so give it a try! 

Left over fabric or fleece and thread.
Stuffing handles (optional) Poly-fil -available at Joann's
Size: depends on how big you want your bag. Mine is 18"w X 27"H
 First start by sewing the sides to the front or back
Then you cut the handle in the middle so you have 2 handles. Fold handle in half, sew the edges so you end up with a tube like. Stuff the inside with stuffing like Poly-fil or Nature fil (do not overfill) You can purchase these at any Fabric store like Joann's. Pin handles into your front and back, make sure it's lined up correctly in the middle. Sew them from the inside. Now once you have both handles sewn into the front and back, you sew the back to the sides and you are almost done. Last you sew the bottom to your bag and you are done!  
How easy was that? This bag is so strong and so soft on my hands. I love this easy project. 

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