Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From dress to a top:

Last year on my birthday I received a cute black dress as a gift from my mother, she bought me the right size. However, this dress was cut wide and even though it was a beautiful dress, it was very unflattering on me so I finally decided to alter this dress that has been hanging on my closet for over a year.

My first intention was to add an elastic to the waist of the dress and keep it as a dress. This project was supposed to be super easy and fast. However, it turned out to be a little painful and gave me some chuckles along the way. I cut the dress in 2, then added elastic to the top.  As I started  to sew the top and bottom I made a little mistake. The quick solution was to use a seam ripper but I couldn't find mine so I started to rip the seam by pulling the fabric. Unfortunately, I forgot that I was working with cotton jersey  so I ruined the bottom so now I only have the top part.  :-/

At least I can still wear my beautiful gift and take long walks with my munchkin. 

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