Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Make Pants for baby or toddler:

If you have a baby boy, maybe you have noticed that there are no stores that carry boy's clothes that are stylish and at a decent price. Even though now with Haute, Gilt and Zulily in our lives this is all history. It sure makes my life so much easier.

Well, before there were these adorable websites I decided to make pants for my lil' man since I could never find the right pair of pants for the many occasions.  Like I mentioned in my other posts there are no better patterns than an old pair that you no longer use. Trace around it with a sharpie on paper.  Once I had the pattern on paper.  I pinned it to the fabric and cut my pattern out. Keep in mind that you are using the pants as a guide. Your cuts will probably be wider than the pants you are using. You should have 4 pieces.  

1. Pair sides and start sewing the outside seam
2. Sew the inside of the pants
3. Next  turn the one right side out and leave the other right side in, line up the edges. 
4. Pull the inner leg seam over and it will give you a U shape.  Sew it together. 
  Turn right side in and you are done!
FYI: Solid lines represent that it has been sewn. 

I followed the instructions that I have drawn and was very happy with each pair. I've made corduroys, lounging and casual pants. The options are endless!!  Remember to have fun with it and add your own flares as you get more comfortable.  Check out my results. :-)

It not only looks great, but they fit well! He got to wear his lounging pants pretty often too.  Email me if you have any questions or  suggestions. I always appreciate good tips. Thanks!!!

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