Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Dress#3

Summer was great and I can't believe we are ending our summer with hurricane Irene. Wasn't that something?

Anyway, during the month of June I made myself a couple of dresses. But some I wore more than the others. This yellow summer dress was one of the dresses I did not wear as much because it was not so well executed.  The great thing about learning how to sew is that you start with a design in mind, but sometimes you end up with something totally different. However,  you are still happy because somehow you saved the dress from going in the trash. Well, at least in my experience as a beginner.

1. I traced the shape of dress to the fabric 
2. Once traced, I cut the pattern 
3. Drew the pattern for the top part. (I had to make adjustments to
the pattern because it was too wide on my shoulders and the opening of the neck was too small)
4. Sew top to rest of dress. 

Results: FAILED ( the top looked like a spaceship)
I ended up altering the top by cutting and tucking the sides as you see photograph below because the top part was too wide on my shoulders. I could have kept the design I had in mind but it was too much work since I used a liner due to the light transparency of the fabric.

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