Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Make your own Paper Toy (Free printable)

I have been in love with paper dolls since I was a child.  I have always admired origami and watched tons of creative Japanese shows that were aired in children's shows in Peru. My little brother was a much bigger fan that I was. He actually did most of the amazing paper projects. It was so exciting creating them, that I have been looking for them to share with you. However, It has been really hard to look for the shows we used to watch but I did came around some cool books and sites.

Today, I have an adorable lil' guy for you to create. It's very easy to make and it looks like you spent all night working on it. Well I did spend all night designing this lil' guy but it was all worth it when I saw my sons smile from ear to ear and of course the paper doll didn't survive for long. My son squashed the little fella in 2 seconds but I made him a second one. This one will go straight to the shelf until he is older.

Things you will need:
8.5x11 sheet  (thicker paper stock recommended)
cutting matt
x-acto knife

Have fun!

• PDF Download is an 8.5 x 11 
• For questions leave a comment, it will be faster than my inbox. Thanks!
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- may only be use for personal crafting projects; may NOT be sold or distributed to others; and NOT be sold or used for commercial purpose.

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