Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Toy Story Moon Party

Well, kids sure grow fast. I can't believe my son is 2 years old. What's next?  Will he be asking me to to take him to get his license tomorrow?! It's just not fair.  However, I am lucky to say that I have been enjoying the time with my son. I never take a day for granted.

I had a couple of projects on the side and I could not finish the decorations in time but I'm still happy with the results. My dear hubby went above and beyond in helping me finish up as well as my creative sister and mother . I truly felt the love as we were all trying to make this a very special birthday.  My son's reaction was classic. He was soooo excited and he just couldn't keep his hands to himself. :-)

Please stay tuned for FREE Toy Story printables!

1. Welcome sign design by artbyangeli. 2. I  cut andpainted a styrofoam ball to look like the Moon and made the alien cake pops. 3. Cow print cake by local Bakery "Buttercooky Bakery" in Manhasset, NY   4. "Bullseye" cake topper, stars and number topper by Etsy seller "Modern luxe events"

1. I designed my little man's birthday hat. 2. The adorable cupcake toppers by Modern Luxe Events. 3. Meringues and the delicious empanadas "salty moon pies" by San Antonio bakery in Valley Stream. 4. I also made Jello-O-Magic Mousse. 

1.  Pop corn metallic cones by my mother and sister. Unfortunately I could not finish the main piece to hold the pop corn and had to go with glass. 2. Banner, Buzz's spaceship, mini flags, cloud tags, Toy Story tags were designed by yours truly. ;-)  3. "Moon Crater Cookies" Delicious chocolate covered Rice Krispies on top with caramel cookies. 
4. My little munchkin kept playing with the moon and aliens. hehe 

All Design: Artbyangeli (aka mommy)
Cupcake toppers, Cake toppers:
Review: They do amazing work and a pleasure to work with. 
Review: Taste good at an incredible price!  
Cookies: Front Street Bakery, Rockville Centre
Review: Yummy cookies! 

Delicious salty treats and meringues:
Review: Super delicious!!! and great prices. 


  1. great sweet and treats
    the cake was delish
    and the party boy was such a blast
    great job!


    1. Thank you Lizzie and also for your great help. :-)

  2. great sweet and treats
    the cake was delish
    and the party boy was such a blast
    great job!


  3. Hi,
    Can i please get the printable's for the toy story party,
    My email is

    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Cute love it!! Can you please send me the printables, thanks