Friday, December 28, 2012

Refinishing Furniture - My first dresser project

As some of you know I finally moved into my new home. I am excited to finally be done with house hunting. As a designer buying a home will be one of my biggest projects because I'll have the chance to decorate my home to my liking. So excited!! Luckily my husband puts up with every crazy idea of mine and supports all my projects. 

I decided to start with my son, GZ's room.  I want to make his room into a little explorer's room because I would love to inspire him to travel the world.  I got a couple of things for the room but one of the main pieces was to look for a sunflower yellow dresser but it was impossible to find.  I always say if I can't find something then I have to make it myself. 

It was a lot of fun! I highly recommended for you to try it. Remember to wear your goggles and mask. 

1.  Prepping:  Orbital Sander (buy one for $40 and up or rent one)  I used a 180 (coarse) and 220 (fine) grit paper. A moist rag to get the dust off. Details that are hard to sand with my orbital sander I sanded by hand.

2. Paint: For a dresser like the one I painted, it took 2 cans of Krylon Yellow. I  sprayed from right side to left side and then stop until I painted from top to bottom. When I finished my first coat it seemed like it needed more paint but I was very patient and waited for at least 30 minutes. Then I sanded again with the fine grit sandpaper.  I  got my moist rag to wiped off any dirt and dust. Next I was ready for my second coat . You can follow same instructions for your last and final coat. Final coat (don't sand) I waited 24 hours until I could seal my project.

3. Seal: Next day, I used a clear gloss sealer spray (Make sure it's water based, especially if you decide to paint your project in a light color) Gloss Sealers are very smelly so I did not touch or move my piece of furniture for 2 whole days. 

If you have any good tips about painting furniture please share! Thanks  :-)


  1. Your dresser looks great! I found you at Living Locurto. Love your guitar printable. So cute.

    1. Thank you!!! Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)

  2. Love the makeover. The dresser looks awesome. Can't wait to see the finished bedroom. Hugs!