Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Halloween: Captain Hook Costume


I'm know it is Christmas time but this post is way overdue. Halloween came and went but I can do it all over again! Hmm.. not really. I am so glad it's only once a year. However the great memories will last a lifetime and I'm very happy we got silly and played dress up.

 My oldest son made up his mind to be Captain Hook for Halloween. The making of Captain Hook costume was not an easy task so I tried everything in my power to talk him out off it. It did not work so there I was at the fabric store shopping for the fabric, lining trim and buttons.

Step #1...I don't go out and buy patterns. Honestly, for me it is a waste of time. I use any old shirts or pants he no longer use and turn it inside out.  Then with scissors I cut through the lines of the patterns. and there it is that's my pattern.

Step 2# ... I cut my fabric and sew it back together. Then I work on the details. I buy 6 yards of that gold lining and sew some by hand and some  with the sewing machine. Once the front and back is finished I finish the details on the sleeves. To get the cuffs to look like they have some body to it instead of flat, I hand stitch the inside to make it look bulky. I also add the lace sleeves inside the cuffs by stitching it by hand. Yes maybe is not the right way to do it but lets remember this is a halloween costume ;-)

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

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