Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rockstar Only Party - Gavin's 4th Birthday

My baby is no longer a little GZ has turned 4 years old. My husband decided it was time to throw him a proper birthday bash. Well that we did! We put our thinking caps on and started to ask him what he would like for his birthday and he said he wants a "The Clash Birthday" well we figured most children who are 4 have no idea yet! So we decided to broaden his idea and do a "rockstar" theme.

Mommy went to work and so did daddy since it was his "big" idea to throw such an I can't complain, he was quite an assistant! ;-)

My son has been very into music lately, especially now that he is taking music classes. So what's a better place to have his birthday party than a School of Rock?!?! Once the we got the place narrowed down it was time for the fun part!

I started with pen and paper focusing on the candy table first.  Then moved onto designing the kids table decor, entry and stage room.

Candy Buffet table:
I designed the cake on paper and got 2 small companies together to make it come to life. The Buttercookery Bakery in Manhasset made the white fondant cake. I bought rock candy from a candy warehouse, and asked my local bakery to paste the rock candy around the cake. The fabulous topper was made by an amazing fondant skillful artist who specialized in fondant edible guitars. I don't think you would get such quality results if you got one company to do everything perfect. Yes, it was a lot of work but I was quite happy with the results. Purchased rock inspired cupcake toppers, small Poland Spring water bottles, Merengues from San Antonio Bakery, Hershey Chocolate bars, mini cupcakes by Pink Ladies. Last but not least I realized that the mini cupcake were too small for the toppers I started to bake the night before the party 36 cupcakes and applying vanilla icing to each one! Not to mention I was also working on baking the cake pops at the same time!

I designed the invitation, backstage passes, favor tags, Hershey candy wrappers, water bottle labels, welcome sign, VIP door sign and the two vinyl signs. Everything printed beautifully!  I bought black and white stripe fabric from Fabric Mill and used it as a tablecloth. I also bought another cool fabric with famous rockstars which worked beautifully with the whole rock concept and used it at the front. I can go on forever but please if you have any questions in regards of the party feel free to ask on my comments section. Thankssss.

The entry, never to be forgotten...  :-)

Party Favors : Included delicious guitar picks cookies of Gavin's favorite bands. Inflatable guitars,  microphones and rockstars glasses! 

and the fun begins up on stage... with real music instruments and microphones for them to sing along rock songs! 

Last photo of the day.....Happy Birthday my love!

Cake Guitar topper:
Guitar pick cookies:
White Fondant Cake:
cupcake toppers:
Rock Candy: The Nutty Fruit House Storefront through Amazon

Inflatable guitars, Microphones from
Sunglasses from


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