Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY Fashion : Short full skirt by Angeli Zankel

Hi again, 

Back so soon? Spring is here. Yay!!  

For many of us it is the perfect time for spring cleaning, sewing, working on home projects and gardening.  I already started my spring cleaning yesterday. Can you believe I was so excited to do spring cleaning?? I'm so lame! :-/

During this snowed in days I decided to sew. I finished 3 skirts for the spring.  Once again, I did the super easy black elastic skirt model I did 2 years ago and it is the easiest way to make skirts and guess what?? Now they are in trend!  :-O   So go to the store and grab your favorite fabric and have fun! 

  p.s. Do you like my robotic walk?? hehehe :-D  

(The wider you make it the fuller your skirt will be. If you don't like the fullness just subtract the width.)

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