Sunday, November 23, 2014

Show and Tell: Nocturnal Animals Diorama

Show and Tell has been a lot of fun this month for my son and I. I thought it would be soooo easy to teach my child art, after all I am an artist, right? My older son gets bored very fast. He is only 4 years old, so it is understandable. I noticed that when we did projects together in the past, I would always lay samples out for him to copy and he began to get frustrated when he could not copy them.  I decided we should take a couple of weeks off from arts and crafts because he was beginning to say "No more art classes mommy" lol 
Just recently I started to be more involved in his show and tell for school. He loves when I make projects for him, but now instead of showing him finished samples I cut the harder pieces myself and let him cut the more simple shapes and glue them together. Working as a team, instead of showing him the way it was supposed to look like has made him feel much more confident and he is eager to finish the whole project himself. He has now decided to supervise me and tell me where to place the pieces. I couldn't be happier.
For last weeks show and tell which began with the letter "N" he told me he wanted to do something with Nocturnal Animals (this is coming from a 4 year old?). We decided to make this diorama together. He designed the whole thing with me and we cut pieces together.  

1. shoe box 2. toilet paper rolls for owl tree 3. crinkle paper for nest 4. real twigs 5. black wrapping paper (wrap the shoe box) 6. color paper 

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