Monday, September 14, 2015

Star Wars Birthday Party - Marco turns 3!

My son Marco is turning 3! He is very much into Star Wars, just like his older brother, it was the perfect theme everyone could enjoy (even my husband). We decided to have a little intimate party at home for his birthday.

It all began with a quick illustration of a stormtrooper with a colorful background. Next, I chose the fabric I wanted to use as a tablecloth. I went with yellow stripes!  I also used a lot of gold tones and bright colors.  As you can see I LOVE colors. :-D  Then, one of my favorite and exciting parts of planning this party, making an edible stormtrooper head cake topper! It was soooooo much fun.

Moving on to the tags. I did square and circle stormtrooper tags. I also designed a cake banner "Marco Turns 3" and a large tag "The Force awakens". Mixing yellows and gold was a good decision.  Just when I thought there was no way I could pull all those colors together, it blended so well! I hope you enjoy the photos.


Here I am dorking it up for the camera. 

Stormtrooper Cake Topper: Made by yours truly ;-) ( soon diy instructions)
Cake: Buttercookery Bakery
Chocolate Suckers: Made from an Etsy shop @MameesSweetShop - Fabulous Service and delicious chocolates!
Mini Cupcakes: Made by Baked by Melissa - Delicious!

Cookies: Made from an Etsy shop @Magnificookies - Most Awesome Star Wars cookies on Etsy!
Darth Vader mini heads - Candy filled - Amazon store: Needzo
Star Wars Pez - Amazon - store: Pez Candy


  1. Great theme for the boys, i was surprised by the awesome decoration and coordinating outfits �� great fun

  2. Once again, you've outdone yourself! I love all of the bright colors and the boys' costumes.

  3. I love the retro poster you did. Outstanding. That is exactly what I have been looking for an upcoming birthday party. Can you share how it was made?