Friday, June 10, 2011

For the "Senda" Book Fans out there!

Senda was published in the 1970's in Spain and has not been reprinted since. Those who were fortunate enough to read those books as a child know what it means to read a real good children's book that will inspire you forever.  I believe these books were educational books geared towards 1st, 2nd and third graders.  

When I was living in Peru, I had to read those book as homework. I can't tell you how much they still mean to me. Years have passed by and I still think about "Pandora's Box" and it's vibrant colors, "Toni y su cometa" raw illustrations that kept me captivated all this time. I have read my share of books. Okay, okay so I used to read more comics like "Asterix" and "Mi Pequeña Lulu".  What can I say? I was a child at heart who loves to laugh and appreciate great illustrations. 

Now as a mother and an artist, I think it is very important for me to surround my son with books that have captivating illustrations and great stories that will inspire him. I have bought my son many books to read to him. However, I have not found too many books that I actually enjoy reading to him. Most children's books have great illustrations and boring stories or great stories and ugly illustrations and don't get me started on Eric Carl! ughh!  I do have some favorites to read to him, "Dr. Seuss", "Zen" and  "Arthur" books are always great.  If you haven't bought "Martina la Cucarachita Muy Linda" is divine! That's a must buy! They have an english version as well. BUT there is still an obsession about these Senda books that I read as a child. The good news is that after many long searches I have found a low resolution pdf of the books and I can now print them and read them to my son. I am so super excited I will be able to share something special from my childhood and hope he will have the same reactions. 

Senda Book PDF:  Download link below


  1. i can't believ you found it,
    i remember reading them, maybe Fabi can get those imported for you also, but this is nice
    for gavin, the 70's illustrations were some of the best.

  2. I know!! I can't wait to make you a copy as well. :-)