Friday, July 8, 2011

Freestyle painting

Before I decide to paint, well not every time but most of the time, I try to stay away from galleries, museums, magazines before they pollute my brain. In a good way, since it always changes my rhythm while painting so I try to stay away.

Freestyle painting for me is...  well,  I enter the room. I am staring at a white canvas with not one idea or image in my head, which is very hard to do since I am always sketching new ideas. Depending on the mood I am in, I will play music. So far I have had great results.  Nowadays it is a little harder to do freestyle painting since my 1 year old requires most of my free time.

Below painting: Title: "Night Dancers"was created in 2005.

"Night Dancers"  36"x48"  Privately owned 

Above Painting:  Title: "Being"  Size: 36"x48" 2011
This paintings was recently finished in June, 2011. 


  1. "Being" is absolutely my favorite piece of yours. Your blog is looking great =)

  2. Thank you!! I am so excited.

  3. love the last one, i bet it has a meaning =)