Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinocchio Costume for toddler: Part 2

Find a shirt. Trace around it with a colored fabric pencil. First the back, then front and arms. If you are not comfortable doing this method you can deconstruct an old shirt. Turn the shirt right side in and cut along the seams until you have a front, back and 2 sleeves. Now use that as your new pattern.
(to view blue lines on shirt please zoom in)
Once you have sewn all the pieces for your shirt together, you draw lines to where you want your buttons to go and please measure them. Because you will want them to line up perfectly.
Buttonhole presser foot ready for fabric. (Read your manual before you start this process)

Very easy. Use my bowtie tutorial from previous post and alter it. You will want to round the corners of your rectangle and stuff them with a little bit of polyester filling and pound it flat. Then the next step is for you to add your middle part and keep following from the bowtie tutorial. 

(wool felt fabric lined with corduroy)
I have never made a hat before so the challenge was tough. I picked these 2 types of fabric because of the perfect yellow color and the corduroy because it will hold it together. 
It turned out to be just perfect and kept my son's head cozy on the very chilly Halloween day. 

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