Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Little House Ornament: Free Printable

Hello everyone,

I can't believe it's already November and the holidays are just around the corner, time sure flies. 

This year I have decided to make a couple of decorating projects because I really want my son to cherish each moment. One of the projects I will share with you today is something that reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in a Catholic home during Christmas was the best time of the year for a child. I couldn't wait to see the Christmas tree and decoration around the house. One of my favorite things was the nativity decoration.  The huge nativity set included a miniature Village, full of little houses and animals. It was mesmerizing to look at. I often imagined myself  going inside the little house to have tea. Ain't it great to be a child? =)

Anyway, This little house ornament comes in a 8.5x11 template it includes 4 awnings in different color options. You can mix and match with the color of roof you decided to use. I bought red and magenta roof but there were many colors of foam glitter sheets available.

Foamies Glitter sheet with sticky backs.  $1 each (Michael's or Amazon)
Color Printer 
Acrylic thread and needle

This FREE prinatable is available for download.  All you have to do is become a FOLLOWER of this blog by clicking the "join this site" button under "Followers" or you can like us on faceboook by clicking the "LIKE" button on the facebook section on the left column. Then either leave me a message with your email at angeli(at)artbyangeli.com or leave your email on my comments.  When you download this template you agree that it will not be use for commercial use.  By Downloading, you agree to the license terms for artbyangeli.com. (Please read full disclaimer at the bottom of my blog)