Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend Project: Make a Wreath

9 Days,  12 Hours,  40 Minutes...But who's counting?

Last weekend I decided to make a wreath. I  really wanted to incorporate felt balls. I think they are super cute and festive. However,  I did not have the time frame to do what I had in mind so I had to come up with something less complex that requires less time. 
My next step was to buy the twig wreath and felt balls. Felt balls don't come with holes so I had to poke holes with a needle and I also used a paper clip to make the hole bigger for the twig to go through. I also bought an extra ornament that I attached to the middle of my wreath. I think it came out pretty cute and fun. Now, I must find the perfect spot. ;-)

Project time: 1 hr 
Twig wreath - Michaels 
 Felt balls - Jo-Anns Fabric store