Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Superhero Gonzo to the rescue Birthday Party!

My son has turned 3 years old. Oh where has those 3 years gone? My husband and I decided to wait one more year to have a big party for him. Therefor we had a small family get together. No matter how small the party is, I still had lots to do. Now my son is at the stage of having his favorite shows, clothes and food so it sure did not make my task easier. Choosing a theme was sort of fun, I knew he liked Pocoyo, Yo Gabba Gabba & Tinga Tinga but recently started to show no interest. Sounds familiar? huh?  :- o   He had been in a muppet kick for months now but slowly drifted interest until he recently watched "Muppets Outer Space" and fell in love with the character Gonzo. I hurried back to my desk started the process.

I quickly sketched a drawing for the cake and searched for a skilled fondant artist on  I emailed Lenka the shop owner of ArtcreationsbyLK my sketch and she brought it to 3D life. The most efficient and affordable way to get the perfect cake for your party is to get the cake and topper from different sources. I bought the topper from and the cake from a local Bakery.  I wanted the cake to taste delicious so I got it from the people who bake cakes everyday and the topper from an artist who's specialty is working with fondant. Next, I got the cupcake topper from another Etsy vendor.  Food came from a local vendor and the rest of goodies my husband and I made it.  :-)

Thank you sis for always helping me through every party!  xoxo  :-)

Stay tune for Free printables post!!  

Gonzo Cake Topper:

White fondant Cake with stars: Buttercooky Bakery Manhasset, NY 
French Macaroons

Cupcake Toppers:  

Food by Iavarone Bros in New Hyde Park, NY

Made by mommy and daddy:
Blue and white jello cup 
Cake pops
pop corn

Designs by Artbyangeli
Gonzo 2" circle tags 
Gray Fold tags
cakepop "Camilla" flags
2" circle garland 
Stay tune for Free Superhero Gonzo to the Rescue printables!!  

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  1. WOW these are awesome. I posted a comment on your toy story printables about these. Just had to tell you again how awesome thes are. the chickens are my favorite. I have loved the muppets since I first saw them. Animal is my favorite character. I just joined your group right now. Will you be ofering these printables anytime soon? Please let me know. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie