Monday, June 24, 2013

Plainview Life Magazine: Outdoors with Dinosaurs by Angeli Zankel

Last month's issue we covered an introduction to paper-mache. Now is the perfect time to get your elbows dirty and go outdoors! 

Dinosaur Mold:
Gather magazines, newspapers and masking tape. Crumbled the paper into balls of all sizes. Next, mold the newspaper balls as best you can to make it look like a dinosaur by attaching them together with masking tape.  Cover your dinosaur with making tape as you see in my photos instructions. Rip out  or cut out any imperfections and re-apply masking tape again to seal it.  

Paper-mache Recipe:
Mix glue & water. 3 parts glue, 1 part water.

Divide 1 sheet of paper towel in 5 long pieces. Dip in one piece of  paper towel at a time and apply evenly one layer of paper-mache. Tip: Allow 1 day to dry. Next day, you apply another coat of paper-mache. Allow another day to dry. Might take about 3 coats of paper-mache so be prepared to wait. Once dry, you can coat it with glue using your finger as an spatula.  Allow 1 day to dry. Final step is the best step. Time to get dirty and paint it any color you desire. Have fun! 

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