Monday, February 3, 2014

Plainview Life Magazine - DIY Robot

Hello again,

I'm catching up.  2014, I will make it up to you. ;-)

Here is a very simple and quick projects to make. The fun starts when you are looking for parts that will make your robot's face standout.

Hair: Two Stainless steel scourer (Use gloves)
Body: One Recycled can. You can use any can that doesn't need a can opener to be open like the Similac one that uses a lid instead.
Nose and Mouth: Any Screw heads, bolts, steel nuts. For the mouth I used a metal bottle cap.
and a glue for metal (Children will need an adult to glue them in place)

Clean up your can and let it dry. glue eyes, nose and mouth and that is all. Allow to dry. Hair you spread your steel scourer into an open circle and glue the top of the can and place on top and hold it for a few seconds so it dries. Then place another on top. Best part of this project is that you can make it fun and even add a hat if you like.

and remember...No disassemble!  :-p

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