Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Plainview Life Magazine - Wildlife binoculars out of paper towel rolls


I have been so behind on posting again. There goes my new year's resolution! lol

Here is a project from the published September 2013 Issue that I made for the arts & crafts column in Plainview Life Magazine.  Yes, I know it's the middle of the winter :-o  burrrr  but we can still explore indoor, right? Anyway.. it's time to explore with our Wildlife Binoculars! 

1 Toilet Paper roll cut in half
Masking tape
Double sided tape
paint tubes and brushes or better yet...messy fingers!
1 small sheet of construction paper in color black
silver ribbon
top lid of water bottle
small piece of black yarn

Cut out one piece of cardboard ( 3.5"x2") This will be the center piece that will attach your two lenses together. Use masking tape to attach it in place. Once completed, you can start to paint your binoculars.  Also, paint the lid of water bottle with black paint and allow to dry. Cut 4 rectangles of black construction paper. Long enough to wrap them around each end,  as you see in the photo above.  Use glue or double sided tape to seal them in place. Place yarn on each side before you seal it. Cut 2 ribbon pieces long enough to wrap 2 ends. Use double sided tape to place the ribbons in place and now it is time to explore. Enjoy!

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