Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chocolate craving...

While grocery shopping, I was contemplating if I should of buy a whole box of twix. I have never made such a stupid purchase but I will not take the blame myself. I consulted with Mr. Freckles (husband) which I should have known better, he will always say yes, get it.  After buying it we decided to hide it on top of the fridge so I would pace myself and not eat it as often. BUT you always find a way to reach for it. I almost fell trying to get one, so it is the last time I ever buy something so addicting. So the lesson I learned was to never buy something if you are having doubts. Photograph is courtesy of Freckles, who snapped a picture of me trying to reach for one. He really didn't believe I can climb. ;-) 


  1. omg i feel the same, i don't like hiding the goodies but sometimes you have to, it becomes addicting, chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, black cherry ice cream..that's my favorite, oh and fresh cheesecake, getting the sugar rush right now lol

  2. hahahaha I also love marshmallows Yummmmmmy