Sunday, July 28, 2013

Plainview Life Magazine - Paper Handbag by Angeli Zankel


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I can't believe I am already writing my published art column for the month of August, time is really going by fast.  On this issue, I'm showing how to make handbags made out of paper plates.

Paper plate, handles of any old take-out paper bag, glue, ribbon, double sided tape, paint, brown paper, fine black pen for details.

Fold your paper plate in half so now you have something that looks like a scallop. Staple the end sides of the opening where you will be placing your brown corners. Next, time to paint. Any color or pattern that you like. While your paper plate is drying. Cut a 3" x 6" rectangle out of the brown paper. Fold your rectangle in in half  so you have a 1.5" x 6".  Holding your rectangle with the fold part at the bottom and opening on top. Cut your bottom corners as you see on the finished photo. Now, is time to draw dotted lines with your pen outlining the both sides (front and back) Apply glue and paste them at the ends (covering the staples.) Press down and hold for about a minute or until they dry and stay in place. Cut a smaller rectangle about 1" x4" for your buckle. I accessorized by using a stick on rhinestone stone and adding ribbons to the sides. Last step. Glue your handles on the inside of the bag. Place a book to help it stay in place and leave it until is fully dry and repeat step for the other side.  After it dries, you should have your new summer bag. Enjoy!

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  1. Cute! I'm going to make Gabby one of these. She loves purses!