Monday, September 16, 2013

Children's Book Theme Party - 1st Birthday


I was too excited to celebrate my second son's 1st birthday this past weekend. I did all the decor by hand and some of the food as well.  Even though I did not get to do everything I had planned, it still looked incredible and I everyone was blown away by the setup. My wonderful husband and mother helped me prepare for this event.
 It was a very intimate birthday gathering for our immediate family. The theme for my peanut Marco was a children's book called Senda in Castellano published in 1975 in Spain. This book inspired me as a child. It taught me to be creative, to dream in various colors and to believe in fairy tales. I read it to my first son and I will now read to my little peanut and hope he loves it as much as I did.

The party decor and food took a month of planning, unfortunately there were many last minute changes as we were thrown off by a house emergency and had to call plumber right away. Needless to say we had no water and all my appetizers were put on hold. The water started working 2 hours before the party!!! We only had time to make 2 appetizers instead of 5 but I don't think the birthday boy noticed. hehe ;-)

Please enjoy my hard work and last but not least....Hurray for Mr. Marco!!!!! You are now one year old. I love you tons!


If you are teaching your child a second language. There is a link to download this beautiful book for free! :-)

Photo Above: Entry

Photo above:  1. Inside the Glass jar - Pandora's box of winds.   2. Framed Invitation

Photo Above: Gold branches with handmade mini books

Photo above: Fondant Cake toppers made by

Photo above: Cupcake Book edible topper made by moi, Angeli Zankel@artbyangeli.  ;-)

Photo: My little peanut! Happy Birthday love!!!

Cake Toppers:
Balloons & straws:
Photography: Angeli Verastegui-Zankel @

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